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EU standard 2gang 1way touch wall light switch

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Yiwu Binge Electrical Co.,Ltd.

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Product Name: EU standard 2gang 1way touch wall light switch
1. Panel size: 86*86mm
2. Material: glass panel, PC base
3. Voltage:110-250V AC,50-60hz
4. Capability allowance:-15%~+10%
5. Load power: 3-800w/gang,2000W total
6. Work temperature:-10℃-70℃
7. Mechanical Life:100,000 on-off times,2years quality guarantee
Our Advantages (compare with other similar products)
1.test shows that our switch can work well even under 97% humidity 
2.strong anti-interference ability,test shows that our switch still work well under 100% interference conditions 
3.Good antistatic performance,test shows that our switch can work well under 30KV high voltage static electricity conditions 
4. product itself low power consumption 0.02W. 
5. Capability allowance:-15%~+10%5.
Binge Electrical Co.,Ltd. is a professional supplier of wall touch sensor switch , usb wall socket. Traditional wall switch and socket(British style,European style ,American style ,etc.).As a leading company in this field, we have modern plant and very strict quality control procedure ( Each touch sensor switch pass three different quality testing).We have passed CE and ROHS certification. Low price and high quality is the goal of our pursuit. Believe our products and service could meet your requirements nicely.
Our Products include:
1. EU/UK Glass Panel single live wire Touch Switch and sockets( 1-5frame, match freely)
2. EU/UK  Alum.+glass panel Single live wire touch switch and socket( 1-5frame, match freely).
3. UK and US standard Neutral and live two wire touch switch(both86*86 and 72*118mm size)
4. Mechanical Push switch and socket
5. Different types USB wall socket

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