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Shenzhen OCY Intelligent Technology Co,Ltd

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Since 2009 establishment ,"OCY"focused on R & amp ; D and provision smart home solutions . `` OCY"located in `` The City of Electronics"in heart of SHENZHEN , is a combination of R & amp ; D , production and marketing technical company . Our company motto"Do High Technology Quality Products.Indulge Intelligence living"as our philosophy.In pursuit of excellence , continuing innovations , export oriented , committed to creating convenience , efficient , peoples connection , easygoing to operate impudent product in order to provide people with voguish and comfortable life .

meantime , OCY holds the worlds most innovative Multi-Gang Switch Technology and a number of patents.Thus , OCY becomes one of the most attention-getting and attractive overbold home manufacturing enterprise.With R & amp ; D of fresh switch , wise security , intelligent lighting , sassy curtain , intelligent home appliance control system.hotel room control system , thinking home control , level-headed remote control with combination of unlike architectural style and philosophy for domestics and extraneous families , hotel , companies residential and buildings to provide personalized products and services .welcome to visit our web 3w.ocyuan dot com mail to sales_ocy at 126 dot come

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